How do I install Clarity?

In order to install Clarity chromatography software, please  use the CD or silver flash drive that came with the original installation containing the software.  If you are unable to locate the CD or flash drive containing the written software, you can download Clarity directly from the software manufacturer's website (registration required).  Please note that initially the software will download as a "demo" until the hardware key is inserted and user code is entered.

Clarity Software installation instructions for Eicom HPLCs

Clarity software includes options for many types of hardware. Installing all of these options will greatly increase the amount of time spent on installation. Please use the following steps to speed up the process.


There are 2 hardware keys supplied. Please use the key with an attached card labeled “P/N C50”. This key will run the HTEC HPLC.

The second hardware key, labeled “offline”, “p/n C59”  will only install software for data analysis.

Clarity configuration is described in the Clarity manual. 

1. Choose default installation locations

2. Choose Components window:

(unchecking these unneeded components will make the installation much quicker)

Uncheck LC Control

Uncheck Instrument Control Framework

For AS Control:

All unchecked except for: Spark Holland Alias

Uncheck Detector Control

Universal Drivers: Check

For Hardware: leave as default (checked: U-Pad, U-Pad2, Colibrick)

Utils: leave as default

3. Hardware Setup Window:

Choose Colibrick

4. When prompted for a user code, it is printed on the card attached to the USB key

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