ENO-30 Restart After Shutdown Procedure

ENO-30 Restart after complete shutdown procedure

Please confirm the ENO-30 was stored peroperly as outlined in section 8-2 of the the manual. Please prepare for analysis as shown below.

1. Set each inlet tubing in to the Reactor and Carrier bottles.

2. Aspirate from the purge valve on each pump to exchange fluid in the degasser and pump head.

3. Set the Carrier pump 0.5 mL/min and start. Check the flow at the waste outlet.

4. Set the Reactor pump to 0.5 mL/min and start. Check the flow at the waste outlet.

5. If flow is not correct or you receive a pump error message, aspirate at the pump purge valves again.

6. Once pumps are both running, adjust the flow rate of the Reactor pumps to 0.10 mL/min, and then the flow rate of the Carrier to 0.33 mL/min

7. Turn off the Reactor pump and then the Carrier pump.

8. Install the columns and restart the pumps, Carrier pump first.

9. Leave the machine to run for 30 minutes and check the detector baseline by using the Acquisition Monitor in the Envision software.

10. Inject appropriate standard to verify adequate sensitivity for analysis. Typically, 10 μL of 10 μM standard will give peaks of great than 16mV.

ENO-30 Restart after short shutdown procedure

In case the ENO-30 was left containing Carrier and Reactor for more than just a couple of days or up to two weeks, it may be necessary to clean the system, but first you can check the system condition.

1. Start the Carrier pump and then the Reactor pump.

2. If everything is normal with the pressure, you can let the system run for 30 minutes to stabilize, and check the sensitivity by injecting a standard.

3. If the pressure is high or the pumps shuts down because the upper pressure limit is reached, there is probably a blockage somewhere that needs to be cleared. You need to work backward from the waste tubing to determine where the blockage is. (remove the detector inlet, then the reaction loop, then the columns, etc)

4. If the standard injection doesn’t produce good sensitivity and you have already prepared fresh complete Reactor solution, you will need to clean the system.

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