Tutorial - How to use the manual injector with the HTEC

Instructions on how to use the Manual Injector

before using the manual injector, please make sure that you are using the proper syringe with a blunt tip.  Incorrect sizing and a pointed tip will damage the injector. 

If you are doing a partial loop injection, make sure that the injected volume is less than half of the loop volume.

1) It is recommended to wash the syringe with milli-Q water at least 3 times before aspirating and injecting samples.  Aspirate water making sure that no air is entering the syringe.  Discard the volume into waste and repeat at least 2 more times.  It is recommended to wash the syringe with 5-10 uL more water than the amount of sample you will be injecting.

2) use a syringe and adaptor tool to flush 1 mL of milli-Q water through the injector.  This must be done with the injector set to inject.  Waste will exit through the waste tubing on the back of the injector.


3) Aspirate your sample making sure that no air is inside the syringe.  

4) The injector should be set to inject by default, where you can insert the syringe.  You will feel some resistance in the last 2-3 mm of travel, and push the syringe past that until you hit the hard stop.  

5) Set the injector to the load position and push you sample through.  

6) with the needle still in the injector, in one smooth motion, turn the valve position from load back to inject.  

7) at this point, the needle can be removed from the injector.

8) Wash the needle and injector in the same fashion as stated in steps 1 and 2, respectfully.

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