Microdialysis Guide cannulae or implants are falling off of the skull.

For microdialysis implantation to be successful, the surface of the skull must be dry. If the surface is still damp when glue is applied, the trapped moisture will allow infection and necrosis of the skull. 

This should apply for Teleopto LED fiber implants too.

For secure adhesion of the implant to the skull:

- wipe the skull with hydrogen peroxide to help dry it  (surface must be dry or the surgery will fail) and then wipe with epinephrine to prevent bleeding. 

- make little scratches on the skull with a scalpel so that the glue can hold better. 

- put a thin layer of cyanoacrylate glue on the skull. (use the liquid glue for this, not the thicker gel)

- before the cyanoacrylate dries, use dental cement as normal to fix the implant in place.

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