Tutorial-Disassembling HTEC Pump Head

Instructions on how to Disassemble the HTEC Pump Head

1) remove the wash ports on the side of the pumps.  The white push-in types can be removed by hand or with a pair of pliers.  The black screw versions will need a 6 mm hex wrench to remove.  

2) remove the black outlet check valve fittings using a 8 mm hex wrench.  The inlet fittings can be unscrewed by hand.  

3) unscrew the screws on the pump head in an alternating fashion.  It is suggested to alternate 3-4 turns per screw until they are both free.  

4) pull off the pump head without twisting it or giving it any sideways pressure or force.  The back up ring should either come off with the pump head or it will be on the piston.  Make sure to not lose this and note the orientation of the ring.  

5) unscrew the screws on the seal wash ring in the same fashion as the pump head.  When the screws are beginning to become loose, press the wash ring to the main pump body to prevent it from hitting the piston.  Pull the wash ring away from the rest of the assembly taking care to not hit the piston.

6) Use the piston removal tool to loosen the piston, and unscrew it by hand when it is loose enough.  The piston and the black diaphragm should come off in this step.

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