Tutorial-HTEC Piston Seal Quality Check, Replace

Instructions on how to Check the Piston and Seal Quality and Replacement

A few words of note when performing this check and replacement:  Always use the piston seal exchange tool, never use the piston to insert/remove the seal.  The color of your seal may be different from what is showcased, the different colors have no functional difference.

Piston Seal assembly

1) Pour Milli-Q water into the hole with the seal in it.  The water will make the seal easier to remove.

2) plug the outlet check valve with a fitting.  Use the long end of the piston seal remover tool to plunge the seal out of place to be removed.  If this does not work, add more water and repeat.

3) The seal should come out attached to the removal tool, and if it does not, you can use pliers to carefully remove the seal.  Take care to not scratch the pump head if you use the pliers.

4) remove the plug fitting on the outlet check valve.

5) Using the piston tool, set the seal into the piston head orientated to have the white face entering the pump head first.  It is easier to perform this step with the shorter side of the tool.  If the space inside the pump head is not wet, pour milli-Q water into the space with a pipette.  Push the seal into the pump head space, where the seal will sit indented in the pump head space.  

6) remove the tool and re-assemble the pump.

Piston Quality Check

1) Wipe the clear sapphire part of the piston with a kimwipe and acetone.  When handling the piston at any time, be sure to not touch the sapphire part.  

2) After cleaning, rotate the piston and check for any scratches or wear on the sapphire.  If wear on the piston is found, it is recommended to replace it.

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