Tutorial- Assembling the HTEC Pump

Instruction on how to Assemble the HTEC Pump

1) Install the ring around the piston base with the beveled edge facing you.  The base should be fully extended and should line up with edge of the ring.

2) slide diaphragm onto the threaded part of the piston.  When screwing the piston/diaphragm assembly into the piston base, make sure the diaphragm is centered and covers the edge of the ring.  Be sure to not touch the clear sapphire piston, and it can be cleaned with a kimwipe and acetone.  Tighten the piston down by hand, and then use the included tool to tighten it 1/4 turn.  Overtightening the piston can damage the diaphragm and cause leaking.

Above is an example of the piston base/diaphragm, and ring assembly partially screwed in.

3)Install the seal wash ring using the shorter screws.  Make sure that the holes on the side of the seal wash ring are facing outwards.  This allows the wash tubing and air vents to be accessible.  Additionally, the side with the white o-ring will face you.  When screwing the wash ring into the main pump body, press the ring to the pump body to ensure that it does not hit the piston, and alternate screwing down the screws every 3-4 turns to ensure even contact.

4) Install the small back-up O-ring with the elevated section facing outward.  This will be slid on the sapphire part of the piston.

5) Gently press the pump head into place without breaking or damaging the piston and screw it into place iwth the longer screws.  It is advised to press the pump head in the middle when performing this step.  Like the seal wash ring, alternate the tightening of screws every 3-4 turns.

6) re-attach the tubing back to the check valves and wash ports.

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