Q: Which receiver should I choose, pulse type,continuous type, or OptoFlash?

A: In general, we recommend the pulse type receiver for most experiments, because of 

many advantages (higher output power, better time resolution, easier control, etc.). However, we recommend the continuous type receiver in the following cases:

- In an environment with hiding places, like mouse tunnels, houses, or bedding for nesting. 

Teleopto uses infrared signals for communication, so if animals hide under opaque materials

communications can fail. In continuous type receivers, so long as the “turn on” pulse is sent while there is no obstruction between the emitter and the receiver, the stimulation will continue when the receiver is blocked.

- For illuminating very long term (several seconds to several minutes without interruption).

The light power of continuous receivers is typically less than 30% that of corresponding pulse type receivers. This is to prevent overheating due to continuous high current.

Optoflash is preprogrammed permanently at the factory with the pulse train of your choice. It has significantly longer battery life than our receivers, but there is no control other than the on/off switch. 

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