How to remove the pump unit from the HTEC-500/510

Please contact Amuza before removing or shipping any HTEC parts.


-Please purge the pump with water.

- Please remove PEEK tubing with nuts, four piston wash ports on a pump built in the HTEC-500. Remove piston wash ports by pulling the tubing. Remove also the T connector with tubing, Easy Fit (fingertight screw) going to inlet check valves.


-Open the back bigger panel on the HTEC-500.

-The pump unit is fixed on a solvent degasser unit and you can withdraw as follows.

-Remove the left side panel by removing the 3 screws on the back left side. This panel slides along a rail. Slide the panel towards the back a few centimeters; now it can be removed. 

-Remove rear panel by removing the 8 screws on the back holding it in place.

-Disconnect 1. White-Black, 2. Green-White-Black, 3. Purple-Green-White electric wiring at connectors.  Take a picture of the connections before disconnecting for reference when re-insalling.

-Remove two screws fixing the pump unit on the degasser as shown in the following picture: 

-Slide the pump unit slowly backwards and check if no connected parts to prevent the unit from releasing.

-Cover the pump with a shipping bracket and secure with screws (contact Amuza if needed).

 -Please put the unit in a plastic bag and seal then cover with bubble wrap. Then put in a box with cushion peanuts. Please put this box in another box.

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