ENO-20 restoration

If the ENO-20 has not been used for awhile without proper storage practice as shown in the manual, please treat as follows:


1. Turn on the system and confirm if the washing pump moves and deliver water.  This is very important to prevent problems on the pump.


2. Once the washing stops, Carrier and Reactor pumps will start automatically in a few minutes. Please stop both pumps quickly.


3. Remove all columns if there are any and replace with two-way joints.


4. Place 100% Methanol in Reactor reservoir and 10% methanol/water for the Carriers. Then aspirate and prime the line to the air-trap with these solutions.


5. Unscrew the Airtrap vial and dipose of the contents. Then wash with water well. If there are red or brown stains on reactor(Di-azo compound), use methanol.


6. Replace the washed airtrap and aspirate the methanol solutions form the pump drain.


7. The reactor line should have a brown to pink color. Di-azo compound (reaction of Griess and nitrite) is easy to dissolve in methanol. Please aspirate methanol from the reactor pump more than 30 ml and confirm if the aspirated methanol is clear. If it still has a pinkish color, please continue to aspirate methanol until it runs clear.


8. Aspirate 10% Methanol/water from Carrier pump. then run the both pumps for 10 min at 0.5 ml/min


9. Then return the line content to the Carrier and Reactor with same proceduer explained above. Please disconnect the airtrap and fill with each solution. Then run the pump at least 10 min at 0.5 ml/min after priming the pump with each solution. Please note, the degasser has 10 ml of content volume. 


10. Replace new columns to the line, and run the pump at regular speed, 0.33 ml/min for Carrier and 0.11ml/min for Reactor Pump. Once the baseline becomes flat at required range setting of the chromatogram (normally 5 mV full scale), the system is ready to accept the first standard.  

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