Auto Zero: Confirming the connection between AS-700 and HTEC-500/510

  • Please ensure the orange power strip is fully pushed in.

  • Check for loose cables.

  • Please touch the autozero terminals with forceps to short them on the orange strip of the HTEC-500. You should expect to hear a beep from the HTEC and you can see the baseline shifts to zero. If you cannot, the autozero circuit is broken. The value on the HTEC-500 display will not change with auto zero. Just the output value will change. 

  • Then do the same thing on the Signal In of the HTEC-500. If you cannot hear the beep, there is a problem with the Signal In or wiring.

  • On the PC that is hooked to the HPLC, there should be a software called ASM (Alias Service Manager). Please close chromatogram software  and run ASM.   ASM will communicate directly with the autosampler.  Please select: ASM>Setting>Communication and choose the appropriate  COM port. Then give a Output manually using  ASM>Instrument>Maintenance Direct Control>Output and choose ON. You should be able to hear a clicking/swtiching sound from the autosampler. At the same time, you can hear a beep sound of autozero on the HTEC in 3 sec from the On.

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