Warranty Policy For Equipment

Amuza does not provide extra warranty outside the manufacturers’ warranty. All manufacturers warrant their Equipment Products to be free of defects, material and workmanship, for a period of one (1) year from the delivery date. Equipment Products include the following items:

Syringe pumps
Fraction collectors
Smart evaporators

But not including some accessories or parts of the Equipment Products. Detailed warranty policy will be informed separately from this website.

Since Amuza is the master distributor of the US for many products, we provide repair or exchange. Providing repair service including on-site or at our facility, or exchange is the sole discretion of Amuza or the manufacturer. Before the return of your product, you should contact us in order to identify the reason of the problem; whether defect on the product or operational mistake.

You must ship the defective product at your expense. We will pay return shipping. The product should be packed safely in the original packaging. If you have not stored the box, it can be supplied to you at an additional cost, or confirm with us about approved packing material. Cost for repair of the defect parts caused by return shipping will be charged to you. This warranty does not include shipping, removal, installation or any other loss caused by the defective product such as data or your time but not limited to those.

This warranty does not cover:

consumable parts, reagents, separation columns, precolumns including packing material, reduction columns, enzyme immobilized columns, tubing and fitting parts (please see next section for warranty on these items).
consumable parts of HPLC parts; electrodes, piston seal, piston, O-ring and gaskets.
derivative effects including data, labor and your expense.
damage resulting from accident, misuse or failure to provide necessary maintenance; or
damage due to incorrect setup, unusual physical, electrical, or environmental stress including inappropriate power sources, spikes, or surges.

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