Amuza Support Philosophy

Our products are easy to use and designed to prevent misuse. Still we believe technical support is as important as our products. At Amuza, your success is our top priority.

1. We have a U.S. based sales and support team. Our knowledgeable scientists provide you with technical support. You can meet them at an installation, a demo, or a conference.  We believe one-on-one communication provides better results. This is a more efficient way to understand your situation and find you a solution.

2. At Amuza you are our priority and we will work hard for you. For technical questions we respond on time, usually within the same business day.

Technical support starts before purchase

Before providing products, we identify your unique needs and ensure we offer you the right equipment.  This helps prevent possible problems in the future. We want to develop a great relationship and know your individual needs and applications. Our expert support staff is available to help you even after the sale. 

Excellent Products + Superior Support = Your Success

We developed and tested all applications at our in-house laboratory.  However, when issues arise, we are available diagnosing any potential problems that may arise. These problems are not always related to the system or its parts, but in most cased it relates to the samples, separations or application issues.  Thus, you will need a dependable navigator to help explore the analytical field. Amuza customer care is there for you. 

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