What is the pressure limit for the HTEC 500/510?

20 MPa (2900 PSI) is the upper limit in our specs for the HTEC.  

However, the standard fittings that come with the HTEC may start to leak higher than 18 MPa pressure, but we can offer higher pressure fittings.

The fittings we normally use are matched to the check valves on the pump: if those fittings are tightened too much it will damage (overcompress) the cartridge inside the check valve.

Once fittings start to leak, it is best to remove the fitting and check for several indications that it should be replaced or that the tubing should be trimmed/ replaced:

1. If the conical tip of the fitting is starting to look ragged or distorted: replace.

2. If there is a deep dent in the tubing where the fitting compresses it: cut the tubing shorter to remove the dent, or replace the tubing.

3. If it is difficult to turn the fitting due to friction with the tubing (when the fitting is removed from the instrument): the fitting will probably need replacement soon.

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