Powerchrom has frozen, what should I do?

When powerchrom freezes or shuts down unexpectedly, you have to restart the processor unit.  If the program is not closed, close it. Then, turn the EPC-500’s power on and off. After the unit starts again, you can open Powerchrom. If this happens frequently, please check the following:


1. The USB cable is plugged into the sockets on the back of the computer that are situated directly on the motherboard. Do not you the USB ports on the front of the computer.

2. Make sure everything on the computer that could run automatically is shut off. These are things like Windows automatic updates, power saving modes, screen savers, virus software updates and scans, etc

3. A laptop computer should NOT be placed on top of the EPC-500 unit as it may cause overheating.

4. Please install the latest version of PowerChrom software.


If those steps did not resolve the issue, please send us your log file. It is stored,

C:>Program files>eDAQ>PowerChrom>Essential Files

Please check the created date and time and send us the log file created when you encountered the problem. Your log file sometimes help us find the solution.

  • Hi Bowen,

    Thank you for the information. Since the suggested steps didn't work, I'm attaching the log file, hope that helps solve the issue. 

    The photos are also from eDAQ, showing that the "Run" button is greyed out.  I have tried power cycling everything (laptop, data processor, ENO20, and the autosampler). All of the lights and displayed numbers look normal, but I'm not sure what is wrong...

    Thank you for the help

    (86.7 KB)
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