Why is my baseline noisy?

Why is my baseline noisy when I run HPLC- ECD? (Baseline means the signal from the ECD, not animal response)



Many things can contribute to a noisy baseline.  Here are some things to check:

  1. ECD reference electrode needs to be new and not dry. If the reference electrode has not been replaced for a year, please purchase and install a new one.

  2. Ensure the pump piston washing port is filled with clean water.

  3. Ensure the column is attached to the clip metal to metal to ground it.

  4. Air may be in the pump; purge the pump by aspirating 2 mL of mobile phase via the valve port

  5. High background current, check that ECD is within normal range.

  6. Pulse free mode needs to be on.

  7. Have you changed the sampling speed of the data processor? If you set it faster, it will be noisier.

  8. Any wire of working, counter and reference electrode is kept far from the pump unit.

Still can’t find the source of a noisy baseline?  Leave a comment below and join the discussion!

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